Cloud ID Access Management Platform that Scales to 100M+ End Users

Unrivaled Scale, Performance & IDM Expertise …
Signs in Millions of Subscribers, Members, Customers + Smart Devices

Scale is Great. Scale is Scary.

Worried if you can handle traffic surges?

Cloud ID is load-tested, flawlessly serves record-breaking IDM events, including thousands of sign ins per second

Cloud ID for CIAM is the Safe Choice
* SOC 2 and PCI DSS Certified

Are your users logging in for free?
Are your billing systems (+ other critical infrastructure) exposed?
Is PII protected? Are you in compliance with privacy laws?


Privacy & Control

Privacy & Control

  • Provides consumers and IT Admins control over their digital ID so they can securely manage an online identity through its full lifecycle
  • Simplifies digital ID registration, credential recovery and individual user profile management within a household
  • Includes full user lifecycle (registration through sign-out) management for individuals AND households … and includes multi-factor authentication (MFA)


Operating Costs and Scalability

  • Reduces reliance on legacy systems through phased IT upgrades supported by Synacor … from hybrid, on-premises systems to full cloud identity operations
  • Adaptable architecture to increase streaming traffic loads while supporting 99.99% SLA
  • Encapsulates complexity of disparate streaming partners with cloud-based identity integration


Cloud ID for Consumer Digital Identity

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Cloud ID for Consumer Digital Identity


What’s Your Customer’s Favorite Device? We’re on it!


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

  • Customers can seamlessly access your service on their favorite devices and unlock access inside or outside the home
  • CSRs, as well as primary users, have a centralized view of digital identities that can be used across multiple applications under a subscription


Increased Revenue + Increased Access for Customers

  • Increase consumption of online services through smart speakers and popular mobile ecosystems like Apple, Amazon and Google
  • Compatible with complex OEM and distribution partnerships

Reduce Burden on Your IT Teams and Infrastructure

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Accelerate Time to Market, Ramp Up Your Product Roadmap


Many to Many Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) + Integrations

  • Centralized authentication and single sign-on (SSO)
  • Platform service avoids custom systems integration complexities
  • Pre-integrated with OEM and OS-level ID systems
  • Compatible with many billing platforms
  • Simple onboarding, setup and end-user feature selection for organizations to deploy IDM services themselves

Cloud ID Support

Synacor is always here to help with the personal, responsive, expert support you deserve.

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Cloud ID CIAM Features At-A-Glance

Authentication & Authorization Integration

Centralized Authentication and Single Sign-On

  • SAML and OpenID Connect Authentication
  • 2-Factor and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA
  • End-User session management
  • Support for external authentication sources via proxies

Fraud Management & Concurrency Monitoring

  • Credential Lockout
  • Brute Force Attack Prevention
  • End-User Device Management

Cloud ID-Managed User Directory

  • Secure Credential and User Data Storage
  • REST API for User Data Management
  • LDAP/Active Directory (Remote Access)
  • User Management Tooling for customer service representatives & administrators

Authorization and Token Management

  • OAuth2 Authorization services supporting one or more access controls:
    • Attribute-based access control (ABAC)
    • Role-based access control (RBAC)
    • User-based access control (UBAC)
    • Context-based access control (CBAC)
    • Rules-based access control
    • Time-based access control
  • Can support custom access control mechanisms (ACMs)

User Lifecycle Management

  • Self-Service User Management
  • Extendable Profile Management
  • Password Management
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Management
  • Data Consent Management

Federation Management

  • Federation Integration Administration
  • End User Scope Mapping for Sites & Applications


… Synacor brings comprehensive pre-integration capabilities and a track record for supporting access and authentication at record volumes. This proven capability, combined with the ability to meet heightened privacy requirements, scale with increased demand, and address household-level subscription opportunities for more tailored offerings, makes them an ideal partner...”

Synacor by the Numbers

20 million

videos streams authorized /month

15 million

million unique federated authenticated users /month


single sign-on (SSO) solutions

90+ million

million video subscriber accounts reached with authentication

20 million

portal/start sign-ins /month

2.8+ trillion

email logins/month (Synacor-hosted email)


tech support

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45+ TV programmer integrations across 100+ networks


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