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Cloud Id - Streaming and TV Everywhere

Consumer Focus

75+ of the worlds best known consumer brands trust Synacor for their authorization, authentication, security and content access needs

Identity Expertise

Over the last ten years, our software has been hardened via 100+ deployments and has always been delivered as a Managed Service on behalf of our customers

Cloud Native

Since inception, our software as a service deployments have been hosted and managed within Synacor datacenters and now extended into public clouds

Custom Solutions

Unlike other CIAM software providers, we take pride in integrating and extending our platform to meet the unique use cases and needs of our customers


Deep expertise in managing large volumes while delivering high SLAs to the most demanding use cases in the industry

Why are big players working with us?

Innovative big players working with us

Synacor innovates and operates a cloud-based consumer identity and access management platform that runs lifecycle management for our customers' end users signing in to apps, authorizing and managing linked devices.

Cloud ID - Scalable


90+ million end-user accounts, currently being managed across multiple data centers

Cloud ID - Secure


Complete access control, fraud management, and attack prevention

Cloud ID - Customizable


Professional services team with vast identity expertise

Cloud ID - Reliable


Designed to deliver high SLA uptime with upgrades that require zero downtime

Cloud ID - Easy to work with

Easy to Work With developer’s portal with APIs, reporting, testing tools, and documentation for easy integrations


A Cloud-Based Identity Provider


90+ million end-user accounts currently being managed across 7 data centers


Complete access control, fraud management and attack prevention


Designed to deliver high SLA uptime with upgrades that require zero downtime


Professional services team with vast identity expertise

Easy to Work with developer’s portal with APIs, reporting, testing tools and documentation for easy integrations


20 million

videos streams authorized /month

15 million

unique federated authenticated users /month

2.8+ trillion

email logins/month

90+ million

video accounts authenticated


single sign-on (SSO) solutions

How is Cloud ID better?

Modern Identity Suite

World-class identity suite utilized by hundreds of the most recognized media brands & tens of millions of consumers every month

Superior Client Support

If the phone rings, we answer! 24/7 NOC and Technical Support Services complemented by real-time monitoring and alerting systems, automated ticketing and resolution, and developer portal for ad hoc reporting and documentation.

Customized to your Needs

A team of identity experts work collaboratively with you to understand your unique needs and implement the customizations needed to maximize the potential of your Direct to Consumer & TV Everywhere initiatives

Cloud ID Also Offers

End User Ownership  Create profiles for users, even when they access through the TV Service Provider – You can have your own user data hosted either in the Synacor Cloud or with you. Plus, it can continue to function even if the user switches TV Service Providers – watchlists and recommendations can stay intact!

Account Tracking and Free Preview  Follow how a user’s entitlements change if shifting service tiers or moving from one offer to another. Allow free viewing for a configurable amount of time, and then present an upsell message. 

Also, OTT Provisioning Tools, Multi-Factor Authentication, Service Provider Pickers and much more




For Service Providers

You can benefit from a flexible solution where you can own components of IDM yourselves or turn it over to Synacor as a Managed Service.

You can affordably scale to 10s of millions of users while resiliently serving launches with 1000’s of verifications per second.

You can deliver an outstanding end-user experience advanced features like Home Based Authentication, Social Login, MFA, Device Pairing and Lifecycle Management.

Cloud ID-Benefits-Service-Provider
Free Transition period tag

Free Transition Period

We make switching simple!

We will waive our fees while you migrate over to our services, and our team of identity experts will handle all of the Service Provider integrations and testing.

We make it easy for you and seamless for end users.

Who Uses Cloud ID?

70+ Service Providers

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  • Pac12 Logo
  • CenturyLink Logo
  • Hughes Logo
  • Mediacom Logo
  • Telus Logo
  • Googlefiber Logo
  • PlayStation Vue Logo
  • Windstream Logo
  • Cheddar Logo
  • Toshiba Logo
  • Lenovo Logo
  • Suddenlink Logo
  • Condolidated Communications Logo
  • GVTC Logo
  • Midco Logo
  • TDS telecom Logo

45+ TV Programmer Integrations Across 100+ Networks

  • A&E Logo
  • tbs Logo
  • NBC Logo
  • fox_logo Logo
  • Disney Logo
  • ESPN Logo
  • HGTV Logo
  • Nick Logo
  • Epix Logo
  • Hulu Logo
  • CNN Logo
  • TNT Logo

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